INSPIRED: Bouddica Lecture!


I found Zowie’s lecture both truely inspiring and slightly scary, with talk about the obstacles she’s has had to come and the obstacles the label is still facing now. At points she seemed as though she had become very dubious about towards the fashion industry. The lecture went from education, politics, philosophy etc and she explained this is the same with her design ideads gaining inspiration from science, history, mathematics, geography and art. I could tell from the first five minutes of the lecture that she was a well travelled and educated woman. However she criticised  education especially within fashion and said that she thought students were restrained from creating what they want, hulting their creativity.

She spoke about her own experiences as a student at Middlesex university and how they were pushed to create eccentric, unwearable pieces. I was also shocked to learn that she was a university drop out however she seems to educate herself even now, stating that she still creates sketchbooks and read a lot of books to keep up to date. She even said she wanted to improve her cutting skills, and says you should never stop learning. especially with the current advances made with technology. She seemed so very interested in technology and said how lucky we were to be starting our careers in such a society where technology is everything and that we should make ourselves aware of all the new possibilities.

At the beginning of the lecture Zowie began by telling us about the beginning of Boudicca, talking about how her and her partner came up with the name. She explained that Boudicca was an ancient warrior queen who was feared by kings, she talked about a leader and a strong woman figure. They thought this depicted what they wanted their label to represent and inspire.  I think this really sums up my opinion of Zowie. Very strong and independent, and has made so much of the Boudicca Label even with so many different obstacles.

After the lecture we were given the opportunity to look at a selection of books, catalogues and sketchbooks she had brought with her and also allowed us to use the famous WODEperfume.


Boudicca Fashion Shows: Designer Directory on 2012.Boudicca Fashion Shows: Designer Directory on [ONLINE] Available at:


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