90s SUBCULTURES: Valley Girls/ CyberGoths



Valley Girls or ‘Val Gals’ were the stereotypical californian girls of the 80s and 90s, known for their ‘Val Speak’ & materialistic lifestyle.

Their styles, in the mid nineties, became more preppy schoolgirl style as seen in the 90s movie clueless.

Dress Code – Tartan skirts, Mini Skirts, Mary Jane Strappies, Knee high socks and Velvet hairbands.

Described as ditzy or airheads. Their interests involved shopping, personal appearance and social status.

Val speak is a large part of this group and was adopted by teenagers all over america.

Words such as:

-LIKE      -ASIF



Valley Girls can be seen in many films and TV programmes such as Gossip Girl, Valley Girl & Beverly Hills 90210.

Valley Girls were also made famous by musicians using their slang in their songs.

Frank Zappa – Valley Girl

SirMixAlot – Baby Got Back


Influenced by British techno, rave & trance style combined with a love for metal and rock music.

Industrial Music made by Industrial noise.

Use the Biohazard sign as their logo.

Dress Code – Unisex, destroyed fishnets, vinyl/ leatherette fabric, neon colours, dreadlocks & cyberlocks, corsets.
Seen in biohazard masks and cyber goggles.
High platform boots, military boots & fluffy boots.

Fave Shop – ‘Cyber Dog’, mid 90s. Located in Camden Stables.

Ideologies – Parts of Nazi & Hitler, Racism.


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