00s SUBCULTURES: Guidos/ New Rave



Popular among many young adults and teens in US cities like New York

Usually associated with stereotypes of Italian Americans in the North East, particularly New Jersey, New York and Conneticut.

Later made famous by hit US reality TV show, Jersey Shore.

 Fashionable labels from the guido style include:

Armani Exchange               Dolce & Gabbana               Lacoste              Versace

**            Males            **

Usually have spiked hair (sometimes frosted), polos and teeshirts which are tucked behind a large beltbuckle, Scally Caps (usually made of polyester) with designer labels like Kangol, muscle shirts, ripped acid washed jeans, flashy gold jewellery, “stunna shades” and both ears pierced.

**            Females            **

Follow more of a modern version of the Boho style.

Clothes include the same silhouettes of the boho style but more modern patterns and colors.

Juicy Couture is a trendy brand to go with this subculture along with the labels listed above for boys.

Known for fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails and fake eyelashes.

Guido’s can usually be stereotyped for going clubbing, tanning and going to the gym.




The British subculture made popular around 2006 by the rise of bands such as



*New Young Pony Club*



One of the most influential clubs of the New Rave scene

People would go to dress up and some of the best young fashion designers, artists and musicians would be sure to make an appearance.

Organised by musician K-Tron and Jim Warboy

Regular haunt for artist Stuart Semple, fashion designer Rubbish Fairy, performance artist Theo Adams, members of rock group Trash Fashion and the infamous underground pop artist Timothy Two-Tooth.


Dress code closely linked to that of indie and the original rave scene!

Skinny Jeans            Fringes                  Hair Falls              Baggy Clothes

  Fluorescent Colours       Glow Sticks           HighTops    Tripp Pants            Day-glo Clothing



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