80s The Blitz Kids


The Blitz club, http://www.theblitzclub.com

The Blitz nightclub in Convent Garden, London, frequented by a group of youngsters in the very early 1980s named The Blitz Kids. They were credited with launching the New Romantic cultural movement. The club was known for its outrageous style of clothes and make-up for both sexes and was also a birth place of several pop groups.

Some of the names of the Blitz:

– Steve Strange

– Boy George

– Marilyn

– Alice Temple

– Perri Lister

– Princess Julia

Billy’s club, www.urban75.org/london/gossips-club-london

After beginning at Billy’s nightclub in the late 1970s, the Blitz Kids found themselves bored with the whole punk genre with Billy’s beginning to have regular Roxy Music and David Bowie nights.  In an effort to find something new, they took to wearing bizarre home-made costumes and clothing and excessive amounts of make-up, presenting a highly androgynous appearance. As the group moved on from Billy’s to the more elitist “Blitz” club, this was widely considered to be the birth of the New Romanticism movement.


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