70s Takenokozoku


‘Bamboo Shoot Tribe’

Some of the first to form Harajuku into one of the best known places to view Japanese street fashion.

The style was popular in the late 70’s and early 80s, and consisted of neon colored accessories such as beads, whistles, bows, and nametags.


A store called Takenoko inspired the clothes worn by the Takenokozoku, which were influence by traditional Japanese fashion. The store is still open now, but has evolved with the times.


Their outfits were loose and baggy, and usually hot pink or bright blue or purple.

They wore robes with kanji characters, and slippers that were comfortable for dancing.


Large groups of Takenokozoku would choreograph dances in the streets of Harajuku, playing the current popular music on their boom boxes.


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