60s Sindy Doll


The renowned SindyDoll was first released in 1963, and quickly became a huge staple of the decade.With Sindys release came eight outfits and eight ‘seperates’. So Sindys new owner had a world of choice in which to dress Sindy for any occasion.

I found it interesting that these particular outfits, sold in 1966, reflect the new “freedom” that the younger generation began to have, with the choice of their clothing.

With the opening of stores such as Biba (1964), hitting a whole new target demographic with the use of sexier, agile cuts and brighter, bolder colours & prints, aimed at teenagers, it seems as though Pedigree Toys thought they’d follow the craze.

The use of new materials, such as PVC, in the “shopping-in-the-rain” outfit, bare great resemblance to the materials and cuts seen in Barbara Hulanicki’s Biba ‘Wet” collection.

Sindy seems to be wearing a lot of mini skirts & spots of pink. A shift dress made from black & white felt material, creating an unusual illusion print, is one of my favourite of her outfits. It seems as though John Cavanagh, designer of this collection, may have had Mary Quant & Twiggy as a source of inspiration.

Images sources from http://www.piczo.com/sindyoutpedigreeofthe60s


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