After this weeks lecture into the history of 90s London label Vexed Generation, I decided to research further into their views.

Most well-known for their technologically-advanced fabrics, their designs were fashioned from intelligent, hard-wearing fabrics including ballistic nylon and fire and knife retardant materials and were also wind proof, waterproof, antibacterial and breathable. Items designed for longevity, something hard to come by in today’s fashion society.
Putting the spotlight on the intrusive use of CCTV,  infringement of civil liberties and the downfall of the environment, their designs screamed a lot more than just fashion.
 Even with their minuscule budget Vexed Generation managed to make stylish & highly appealing urban street wear. They were put on the map by their outrageous and thought-provoking retail spaces, some of which we were shown images of in our last lecture.
We were told they wanted the customers to feel as though were being watched constantly, even when their was no shop assistant to be seen, for example in one of their first stores, located in Soho, the windows were empty, accept for a TV that showed cctv from inside the store. They said that sometimes customers seemed to intimidated to even step inside but those who did would find a white interior with one cabinet containing minimal amount of clothing, with circles cut out so you could touch the items.
It’s been said that the concept of their interiors, and the colours used the walls, would transform to reflect the mood that currently inspired them.
Below are a selection of images of Vexed Generations work, that I found on


The House of Neon Weather. 2012. The House of Neon Weather. [ONLINE] Available at:

4L – realDesign – Vexed Parka. 2012. 4L – realDesign – Vexed Parka. [ONLINE] Available at:

Eastern Thinking exhibition at Andaz hotel – Jo Hunter – YouTube . 2012.Eastern Thinking exhibition at Andaz hotel – Jo Hunter – YouTube . [ONLINE] Available at:


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